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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ogden Clear headlights is a go!

I've been busy this week again with the church sprinkler systems but also getting Ogden Clear Headlights underway. I opened up a separate business account, deposited my first check and tomorrow I can do it again because I did a job today for a guy on the base. I stopped down there to see a buddy and parked next to his car was a lovely red, VW Cabrio with terrible headlights. Loc said he knew who owned the car so he went in and convinced the owner to come out and talk to me.

He was certain that the oxidation was inside the headlight and that I couldn't possibly clean it up from the outside. He agreed to pay me half if I could do any good at all and the full price if I could actually do what I claimed.

So- I went to work! In less than 1 hour I had the lights on the front of his car shining like they were brand new and the owner was very surprised! He gladly wrote me a check for the full amount and promised to try to find me more customers. Even my buddy was surprised and told me the job came out better than he expected!

I even have another job lined up for tomorrow morning! I really think by doing a few cars like this on the base that word of mouth might be my best immediate chance for success. I'll see.

I'll be registering very soon and building a website to promote the business and I need to see about buying some advertising for the truck- just as soon as I can afford it. I'm on my way!

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